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The blog wasn’t designed to offend, it’s supposed to tell the truth. For me, whoever I might be, the blog is therapy. The kind of therapy that offers you an output for your thoughts and feelings.

The kind that doesn’t ask questions.

The kind that makes you think.

Before I am able to move on I need to get things off my chest. No matter how horrible, weird or crazy those thoughts might be, if I can’t say it I’m useless and unable to accomplish anything. The overthinking eats me up from inside; I can’t sleep, I stop eating properly, can think of nothing else, can’t concentrate – the list is long.

I needed a way out.

I started writing. I wrote a letter to the guy who had just broken up with me. I wasn’t fine, not even close but I knew I had to keep going. Writing him a letter, which he would never read, helped me immensely. From there on, I felt the urge to keep writing, one letter to each guy I had ever been with. With each letter I finished I felt better. This is when I came up with the idea if this blog.

‘A Note 2 You’ will start of with giving you three letters over the time of three days, showing you a little insight to my mind and giving you little taste of what comes next. From then on one letter will be revealed each week on Wednesdays at 3pm.

My advice: Try writing a letter yourself and see how you feel afterwards. Who knows, maybe you like it that much you’d like to get it published too! There will be a section to this blog that contains letters that readers have written.

If you want to be part of ‘A Note 2 You’ send your ‘letter to’ to nona.anote2you@gmail.com. I will review every letter that comes in.

I’m looking forward to read your side of the story.

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